The interesting experience of Federica Lena and Beach Coconuts Bowls Thonglor Bangkok
Roman origin, traveler for work, lands in the Thai capital and opens the location Beach Coconuts Bowls Thonglor Bangkok.
di Francesco Tortora
Mercoledì 02 Marzo 2022
Dal nostro corrispondente a Bangkok - 02 mar 2022 (Prima Pagina News)
Roman origin, traveler for work, lands in the Thai capital and opens the location Beach Coconuts Bowls Thonglor Bangkok.

A frank and transparent smile, a bright and sunny Mediterranean beauty, Federica Lena, 30 years old, from Rome, tells her life and professional experience with transport and sincerity.

When she was only 19 years old, she moved to Gallarate and, with the professional qualification of flight attendant, she started her professional cursus and conquered her independence. Still working for a well-known charter company, she met -on the job- the man who would later become her husband (the one who was co-responsible for her recruitment). Travel and work, in short, coincide closely in her life, they are the consubstantial sign of her vital experience.


How did it happen tyou then decided to settle in Bangkok?


With my job I was lucky enough to be able to travel to all the most famous tourist locations in the world and that attract international tourist flows, but then some particular passions such as reading Tiziano Terzani, a reading that has always fascinated my husband as well, led me to focus my personal attention on South East Asia, so, apart from travel as a strictly professional dimension, having the opportunity to have time to travel in the most carefree way, that is, as a tourist myself, I began to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam more and more often. My life has developed according to my personal and joking motto "It's a big mess but what a beautiful mess!". To all this was added a special friendship with a Thai girl. I have often returned to Thailand for another reason: Yoga. A path that, for me, became a process of knowledge more and more intense, more and more profound. I also followed a Course for Yoga Teachers and this led me to have the opportunity to conduct Yoga sessions right Beach Coconuts Bowls Thonglor Bangkok’s location and that began to attract more and more interest. Then came Covid, this resulted in a sharp and absolute divide. Travel, in my case, has increasingly coincided with quarantines, with closures, with isolation and physical distancing. For my husband and me, people who are fundamentally non-stanzial, being stationary for so long was a very special kind of experience. We faced it together, calmly, and took it as an opportunity.


Now, however, you are not together, this is also a great additional sacrifice and adds to the complexity of this particular historical moment in which we are all living today


Yes, my husband is in Italy and continues his work. In addition to the Yoga sessions that are currently resuming its activities as the anti-Covid restrictions give way, I have taken on the role of manager of one of the points of the Beach Coconuts Bowls breakfast and brunch place. Together with the founders of the company we started a series of consultations and carefully evaluated the opportunities and prospects related to the opening of a particular Beach Coconuts Bowls outlet in Bangkok. Two other points were pre-existing in Phuket and Koh Samui but Bangkok has its own characteristics that differentiate it deeply from locations traditionally focused ou Tourism. Unlike Phuket and Koh Samui, in fact, Bangkok is a megalopolis, where - apart from the difficult parenthesis of Covid, still in progress - the rhythms are frenetic, the scanning of urban vitality is more intense. In Bangkok there is a much more multicolored, curious and colorful melting pot, there are people arriving from every corner of the planet, each with their own curiosity, their own cultural points of reference. My personal perspective, also mediated by the point of view of Yoga and my professional training, is to offer the philosophy of Beach Coconuts Bowl based on relaxation, slow rhythm and meditative, as well as the search for quality food, through combinations sought but in the context of a vegetarian and vegan footprint to a less generalist audience, an alternative to local culinary and cultural traditions and that was capable of capturing the curiosity and desire for wellness, of confronting "healthy" food, unlike what a megalopolis can offer to those who are usually used to running, to doing everything with speed and excessive rapidity. It is no coincidence that the most characteristic type of my clients is made up of expats and women.


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