Thailand, Maurizio Mistretta and Pantera Film that opens an office in Bangkok
The Bangkok International Artists Guild and the collaboration with the prestigious Pantera Film, which is opening its own office in the Thai capital. All in the words of Maurizio Mistretta, who has lived and worked in Bangkok for years, actor, theater and film director, screenwriter.
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Giovedì 30 Marzo 2023
Dal nostro corrispondente a Bangkok - 30 mar 2023 (Prima Pagina News)
The Bangkok International Artists Guild and the collaboration with the prestigious Pantera Film, which is opening its own office in the Thai capital. All in the words of Maurizio Mistretta, who has lived and worked in Bangkok for years, actor, theater and film director, screenwriter.

The artistic language has been connecting Italy and Thailand for a long time, Maurizio Mistretta is one of the relevant pieces of this intimate and deep dialogue between the two nations 


Born in Florence, Maurizio Mistretta has been writing, directing and acting in theater and multimedia shows for 20 years. His great activity began in Bologna at the Conservatory of Theatre and developed with several important masters in Italy, with a long activity inside the Pisa prison as artistic director of a company of prisoner-actors (1993-2001) and with projects inside public and private schools in Italy and Thailand (1990-2008). In 2001, in collaboration with RAI, he produced a documentary about his theater in prison: "The Towers of Pisa" RAI 3 (National Channel). In 2004 he produced a multimedia production linking the languages of cinema and theater "Black Jealousy" from W. Shakespeare's Othello. Five short 4-5 minute videos were connected to the theatrical story, adding contemporary and intimate details to the character played on stage. The videos written and directed by Mistretta were shot by Gianni Pacinotti (director selected for the 2011 Venice Film Festival) From 2000 to 2006, he organized workshops in several Thai correction homes in Bangkok in collaboration with UNICEF-Bangkok and produced a video document "Pinocchio in Siam" (Melampo Documentary Production, La7 TV, 2007). 

Vast in his work in theater and film, Maurizio Mistretta is a well-rounded Artist and is greatly gifted in handling literary, theatrical, and cinematic matter. 

We meet with him in Bangkok about big news that is coming up, in terms of cooperation, in just such areas and in Bangkok itself. 


Indeed, 2023 begins with big news for the Bangkok International Artists Guild. ( The cultural production company founded and formed largely by Italian artists living and working in Bangkok has become the appointed representative of Pantera Film Thailand, strengthening an important relationship with a leading film company. ( 

Can you tell us more about Pantera Film? 


Pantera Film has its headquarters in Hollywood (Los Angeles) and an Italian office in Rome. Its General Manager is Annalisa Zanierato, former undisputed star of Women's Basketball and the Italian Senior National Team. 

After leaving sports, Annalisa became an international producer and distributor of films, documentaries and TV series, growing professionally alongside Mark Holdom. Passionate about travel, for many years she participated in the world's most important film festivals and markets, building relationships with directors, producers, distributors, talent and investors in the media industry. For fifteen years, she distributed and licensed documentaries, films and television content for clients around the world. In 2015 she began managing production development and financial processes. In 2019 she became CEO of Pantera Film and responsible for the production and financing of each project. Pantera Film is a film company that produces, co-produces and distributes feature films, documentaries, TV programs and series. Pantera works with distributors and broadcasters worldwide to release content in every territory and channel: cinema, TV, DVD, VOD, ancillary (flights, boats, hotels) with established partnerships with Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Apple iTunes and Google Play. Pantera Film has a key figure at every stage of every project, from scriptwriting to development and post-production to worldwide distribution. 


How did the cooperation between BIAG and Pantera Film come about? 


Pantera's relationship with Biag is strongly linked to the professional friendship between Annalisa Zanierato and Maurizio Mistretta, BIAG's general director. As early as several years ago, Annalisa showed interest in Maurizio's film work, a relationship that was cemented with BIAG's latest film production, Useful Idiots. Annalisa Zanierato was an important executive producer during the filmic process and is now overseeing its distribution. 

Biag and Pantera Film are consorting mainly in the production area, with at least a dozen projects in the works between cinema, documentary and theater and with a dream in the drawer: to create an Italian and European production center in Bangkok. 


Indeed, Asia in general and Southeast Asia in particular are running very fast, in terms of creativity and social, economic and artistic development, aspects that are perhaps little known in the West or not carefully considered 


Bangkok is indeed an important hub for all of Southeast Asia, with a privileged look toward China, which has very restrictive regulations for the circulation of foreign film products within its national soil. Opportunities bring new opportunities, and Biag's work has begun to be strongly connected to Pantera's projects by laying the groundwork for a well-rounded collaboration, thanks in part to Pantera's desire to penetrate the Asian market for its historical distribution work. 

The fact that Biag is legally a Thai-registered company makes it easier to circumvent the Chinese norm of having a closed and really limited number of films within their home soil. 

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