When France and Thailand meet in Bangkok: Vivin Grocery
Nicolas Vivin's French creature has gradually taken shape and is growing in the heart of Bangkok, proving once again the cosmopolitan soul of the Thai capital.
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Domenica 19 Novembre 2023
From corrispondent Bangkok - 19 nov 2023 (Prima Pagina News)
Nicolas Vivin's French creature has gradually taken shape and is growing in the heart of Bangkok, proving once again the cosmopolitan soul of the Thai capital.

Have you ever thought of a freshly made, storefront croissant, prepared by French hands but in Bangkok? Because these kinds of surprises are in the kind that the Thai capital gives you. 

Vivin Grocery is one such surprise that gladdens the eye and delights the palate. A French touch in the middle of Bangkok's metropolitan territory. With many more variables, surprises within surprises, such as the strategic line that since its founding, has been intended to be given to the Vivin brand. In fact, in addition to the high quality of the products offered, both those for sale and those that can be tasted on the premises, there is a philosophy that underlies it all. It is no coincidence that we used the word "philosophy" and not "strategy." Adopting a cheese production line with an artisanal soul and with fully organic production certification is, in fact, a definite choice when facing the market and exposing ourselves to competition. Another well-identified choice is to adopt locally produced foods, meats, milk, vegetables and fruits. In this way, you support the local economy, shorten the production chain, and benefit Thai production and labor, although everything is subsequently inscribed in the French way of serving. The recipes, the dishes served, the Culinary Culture that is proposed, has its own deeply French look and heart. But -rather than importing everything from the French motherland- Nicola Vivin, founder and deus ex machina of the Vivin brand, together with his partner and brand manager, Samantha Proyrungtong, preferred to create a totally innovative mix made of French products and local production. The cured meats, for example, are made from Thai meats, the vegetables are freshly produced in Thailand while the oils and truffles are imported from Italy. Pasta, with whole-grain and organic flours, is made with typical Italian pasta shapes and are made by an Italian but on Thai soil and with local flours. 


Where are you from and how many times have you been in Thailand before deciding to live and work here? 


Nicolas Vivin, originally from Roanne, France, first arrived in Thailand in 2003 as a student, drawn by an internship opportunity at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. After his initial exposure to Thailand, he returned for a few years to settle. His extensive experiences in Thailand, including working in the hotel and restaurant industry, laid the foundation for his eventual decision to start a business in the country. 


Why did you decide to transfer your life, projects, and investments from France to Thailand? Was France not answering to your hopes and planning? 


Nicolas Vivin, inspired by his experiences in Thailand and the potential he saw in promoting local, sustainable gourmet fare, decided to bring his entrepreneurial spirit to a location he was familiar with. His passion for local produce and the market's response to Thai artisanal products fueled his decision to invest and establish VIVIN Grocery in Thailand, focusing on promoting Thai-made artisanal products. 


Which strategy is VIVIN Grocery pushed by? 


VIVIN Grocery's strategy revolves around championing artisanal, organic, and natural Thai and regional products. They focus on sourcing locally and supporting small producers, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and authenticity. The innovative "grocery-to-restaurant" or "shelf-to-plate" dining model seamlessly integrates in-store groceries and organic produce into flavorful dishes, promoting a sustainable mindset. 


How are Thai customers, clients, and the landscape responding to your ideas and projects? 


The response from Thai customers and clients has been positive, acknowledging the quality and authenticity of VIVIN Grocery's offerings. Despite initial challenges in educating both local and international customers about the potential and quality of Thai artisanal products, VIVIN Grocery has carved a niche for itself, fostering a community passionate about local, sustainable, and gourmet goods. 


You created your own brand "VIVIN." When was it born and what's your main goal in the near future? 


The VIVIN brand originated as a pop-up food vendor named "VIVIN" in 2014 at the Bangkok Farmers' Market. The brand later evolved into VIVIN Grocery, focusing on providing quality, locally sourced organic and natural products. The goal for the future includes expanding the brand's reach, offering a wider range of artisanal groceries, enhancing the dining experience, and continuing to support and promote Thai-made artisanal goods. 



VIVIN Grocery 87 Soi Akkaphat (Thonglor 13), Sukhumvit 55 Road, 2nd floor, Building A, Klongtan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok contact@vivinmaison.com 

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