Marimo Bar, a little treasure chest where you can listen to real jazz in Bangkok
Its founder, Takuro Kawakami, has created a precious and special corner where all jazz fans and musicians can find a protected place to play and listen to "real" jazz.
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Domenica 05 Novembre 2023
From corrispondent Bangkok - 05 nov 2023 (Prima Pagina News)
Its founder, Takuro Kawakami, has created a precious and special corner where all jazz fans and musicians can find a protected place to play and listen to "real" jazz.

In the Thonglor area, Marimo Bar, offers friendship, snacks, drinks and most importantly smiles that welcome and make you feel at home. If you are a musician or simply a fan of jazz, well, Marimo Bar is just what you have been looking for 


Takuro Kawakami, carefully and precisely arranges the instrumentation, cables, and amplification of his venue. Marimo Bar stands next to other vintage and ultra-modern style locations, side by side, in the truest spirit of Bangkok, where everything is co-present and coexists in peace. Modern and vintage, future and past, modernism and tradition, this is Bangkok and it is one of its traits that most fascinates all who visit it or decide to go there to live forever. 

Takuro is just such a person, living in Thailand for the past 20 years, having landed there after an education completed in the United States, i.e., the original source of Jazz in the world. Arriving in Bangkok following the paths of Love and Music, he opened a Bakery. Today he has converted his entire self back to his first passion, Jazz. 

In the Marimo Bar you can see and hear one of the rare vibraphones you can encounter in Bangkok, someone else you can find only in the Universities where Classical Music is studied. Takuro, in fact, is a skilled pianist and vibraphonist, playing, listening, experiencing Jazz in its totality. And the soft atmospheres of Jazz become more and more alive and vibrant as we enter the later hours of the evening. 

Usually the Marimo Bar hosts local jazz ensembles, but every night there is no shortage of visiting musicians from all corners of the world, and the evenings end with jams where everyone improvises happy to be able to speak one common language, jazz, regardless of their home nations, differences in culture, language and more. 

This is the main feature of this corner of pure jazz in the Thai capital. 

It is not easy to breathe this atmosphere typical of jazz born in the USA and then spread all over the world. In Thailand, in Bangkok especially, jazz usually means a "sound carpet" in refined or high class locations, in sophisticated trendy rooftops, where people can chat or enjoy some even quite expensive food. Jazz was actually born with quite different origins; jazz was born poor, black, sweaty, full of stories of humanity lost in alcohol and drugs. It therefore happens rarely to be able to hear free improvisations or jazz that is not overly tied to the original scores and becomes a simple performance almost as if it were Classical Music scores or simple reproductions of what was recorded on vinyl and recorded in the studio by jazz musicians in the past decades. 

Marimo Bar, then, is a happy island where jazz has found one of its best homes to reside. 


Marimo Bar, 22 Soi Thong Lo, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110 @marimo_piano_ bar 

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