Chez Papa: a serene French oasis in the middle of downtown Bangkok

A location where you can taste fresh croissants for breakfast, French cold meats and cheeses all imported from the Mother Country as well as wines and bubbles, interior rooms decorated in different styles, mainly vintage and classic, where, however, modern styles also appear.


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Martedì 02 Maggio 2023
Dal nostro corrispondente a Bangkok - 02 mag 2023 (Prima Pagina News)

A location where you can taste fresh croissants for breakfast, French cold meats and cheeses all imported from the Mother Country as well as wines and bubbles, interior rooms decorated in different styles, mainly vintage and classic, where, however, modern styles also appear.


Eric Lorin, 57, married to a Canadian woman originally from Hong Kong family, father of two boys, welcomes you with his clear eyes and a smile that smacks of Humanity lived intensely and intimately. His CHEZ PAPA location is a short distance from the crowded and always chaotic Sukhumvit Road, not far from the Phrom Phong stop of the BTS, an external aerial subway that runs through the center of the Thai megalopolis and allows you, with very low costs indeed, to move very easily through the metropolitan fabric of the Thai capital without having to find yourself trapped in traffic that is almost perennial and peaks when entering or leaving the workplace. 


Why did you decide, in this cultural mix between France, China, Canada, to leave your motherland and move permanently to Bangkok? 


Before embarking on this CHEZ PAPA adventure, I was a CEO of a major company in Hong Kong that is interested in sustainable lighting. Low-impact lighting installations, therefore, have been my territory of professional action for a long time. I am originally from the South of France, not very far from Nice but both for work and for my own personal propensity, moving to different places in the world has been and is a substantial part of my way of life. I also tried different professional fields before devoting myself at CHEZ PAPA, then to catering in its broadest sense and as it is understood nowadays. I also had professional backgrounds in Wellness but operating in this specific field here in Thailand is very complex. The moment an acquaintance of mine decided to sell this place, I tried to introduce my ideas and try to do something different, which above all combined several factors. 



Different tests we might say, in building the soul of CHEZ Papa 


Yes, in a way it was a matter of giving a precise identity to Chez Papa. Initially I tried to give this location the face of a Deli-Wine bar, later I tried in the form of Wine and Tapas, which led me to its current form. That is to say, it is a real French SouthWest Tapas, where you can try foods and recipes that straddle the border between France and Spain, Pythian recipes from the Basque Country. This intersection of cultures, tastes and flavours is what characterizes the current structure of CHEZ Papa. 


Culturally, how did you find it, coming from Europe and having to deal with such a different people and culture? Because your clientele is also partly of international origin but the nation and the employees you deal with every day are Thai 


It's true, there are differences, just as I have encountered differences with other ethnicities and peoples, we could go on and on, in fact, about the cinse cultural point of view and we could talk about it for hours and days. Regarding, specifically, Thailand, I recognize that I have learned and am learning many things here. Thailand, for example, is an excellent training ground for assessing stress management. The basic Thai concept, from this point of view, is "Sabai Sabai" (we could translate into pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable, ed.), that is, not getting caught up in the frenzy that we normally experience in Europe and Western countries but knowing how to dance with it, finding the right moments in which to take refuge while enjoying the tranquillity. Here, this is one of the concepts that I have tried to transfer into my current CHEZ PAPA experience. The Thai people are always very attentive to social forms, they are a good-hearted people but they also require great gifts of patience in having to deal with each other, especially in the world of work, the different cultural worldviews and approach to life, create complexities in terms of mutual understanding. 


Introducing CHEZ PAPA, in official website you can read: The French are famously known for their epic meals – warm, lively and delicious. It all begins with the Apero, a sacred pre-dinner event that usually leads to many memorable feasts. It’s not just about having a glass of wine and some canapes before dinner; they thoughtfully plan which items will be suitable for Apero, knowing it helps set a welcoming atmosphere that brings people together and inspires sparkling conversations. 


With dishes from the South of France and its neighbors, accompanied by carefully selected wines, Chez Papa continues the welcoming Apero tradition in Bangkok. 

To start, our Charcuterie, Cheese and Pinchos boards paired with delightful and rich wines will tantalize your tastebuds. 

As the Apero winds down, it’s then time to move on to the main event. We offer a wide selection of French Tapas that are ideal for sharing and enticing Main Dishes - comfort foods that are sure to conjure up fond memories of family dinners at home. 

We pride ourselves in serving simple, delectable, Southern French cuisine in a cosy, modern setting. Our dedicated team focuses on crafting carefully prepared dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. You can taste their passion and efforts in our food. 


Chez Papa Bangkok · 64 Sukhumvit 51 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 Tel: 063 832 3605 

Tapas l Deli I Wine l Events l Private room. Breakfast, Lunch, Happy hour, Dinner Open: 9am - 11pm (every day) 

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