Jirakaan Restaurant, a journey through Time and Flavors in Ancient Thailand
It is not only food but also a real experiential journey among flavors of a bygone time and culinary and cultural experiments that "tell" the roots of Thai History and People.
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Martedì 07 Novembre 2023
from corrispondent Bangkok - 07 nov 2023 (Prima Pagina News)
It is not only food but also a real experiential journey among flavors of a bygone time and culinary and cultural experiments that "tell" the roots of Thai History and People.

Pui and Victor have created a unique experience, to be able to taste the true flavors of Thailand of yesteryear, traveling among original flavors and ingredients that are today unfortunately almost forgotten or over-hybridized 


As soon as you walk into Jirakaan Restaurant, the ambience explains that you are about to take a real journey into Space/Time, vintage furniture items, even hints of Bavaria, European-style armchairs and sofas that take you into the atmosphere of the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. 

Not surprisingly, "Jiirakan" means "Once upon a time." 

Jirakaan is located in Bangkok's centre, at the vibrant area of Thonglor, short walk from the sky train (BTS) station that carries the same name (Thonglor Station). 

There you can enjoy dishes from the Rattanakosin era, with emphasis on the reign of King Rama 5 and some of his creations, as well as famous and long-lost recipes. (Some recipes date back more than 200 years). 

Chef Pro leads the kitchen to revive old recipes in both Jirakaan and Time Kaan restaurants with cooking experiences. Great experience: she helped grandmother run Thai restaurant since the age of 9. Chef diploma from Hospitality Training Association Inc. Melbourne. 8 years of experience as a chef in a Thai restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. 5 years of experience in a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Her passion in recreating, reviving and reinventing food in Thai history. With 2 years of study and project development, today Jirakaan and Time Kaan are ready to revive the ultimate experience of Thai cuisine. 

Pui and Victor -in passionate words- tell how the idea of creating a restaurant where they adopt recipes from ancient original books, centuries old, starting from the time of Thai King Rama 5, the Rattanakosin era (1782 – 1932), came about. 


Pui: "During the lockdown days at Covid's I dusted off my personal passion for ancient books, especially I went into the work of finding original recipes from which the ancient pure spirit of Thai Cuisine would shine through. I particularly focused on the Rattanakosin Era and carefully studied all the ingredients used, the way they were processed at the time and cooked. Thai Cuisine has experienced hybrid versions from Kitchens of neighboring countries, especially China and today it is a colorful representation of this cultural mix and Asian culinary melting pot. King Rama V was also fond of travel and explored with a cultural approach even before tourism, the heart of Old Europe, this prompted Victor and me to introduce a decor and spirit that would bring the atmosphere of the so-called Old Continent here in Jirakaan, the same way King Rama V and the elites brought it to their houses and palace back then." 


Victor: "Our idea was not to create some kind of Time Machine, my training as an Archaeology scholar led me to look particularly closely at the historical roots of our people and have a historian's approach in accompanying Pui in his study of the original recipes and what King Rama V wrote in his own hand. Thus, with Puoi, I discovered that although rare, many ancient volumes contained accurate indications of the cuisine of the past, the ancient publishing sector offers a wide range of opportunities for study and insight, from this point of view. 


In addition to casual dining, Jirakaan also offers a fine dining experience, through Time Kaan, with a menu that changes every 4 months. However, it is necessary to make reservations well in advance to explore their food offerings. These are, in fact, very special ingredients that need time and care to be found in the current market of foods, vegetables, and ingredients available to professionals in the industry today. 

It should also be pointed out that at Jirakaan not only is Thai Cuisine of the Rattanakosin Era available but the ingredients are sourced from 100% halal sources, available to accommodate groups of up to 50 people, provides more than 20 vegetarian dishes, is also suitable to accommodate children, and is especially suited to satisfy fine palates. 


Jirakaan Restaurant, 76 Soi Sukhumvit 49 (also accessible from Sukhumvit 51), Klongton-Nue, Wattana, Bangkok, Tel: 082 6155664 


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