Reimagining Opera, recording of the Maestro Dario Savino Doronzo and Pietro Gallo, a real pearl in his kind

REIMAGINING OPERA, Maestri Pietro Gallo (Pianoforte), Dario Savino Doronzo (Flicorno), featuring Michel Godard (Serpentone), DiG – Digressione Music, 2019

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Sabato 18 Gennaio 2020
Roma - 18 gen 2020 (Prima Pagina News)

REIMAGINING OPERA, Maestri Pietro Gallo (Pianoforte), Dario Savino Doronzo (Flicorno), featuring Michel Godard (Serpentone), DiG – Digressione Music, 2019

Reimagining Opera, recording of the Maestro Dario Savino Doronzo and Pietro Gallo, a real pearl in his kind
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Re-imagine and re-invent Music is not an easy thing. Mainly if you are in presence of greatest names in the History of Music such as Verdi, Monteverdi, Parisotti, Puccini, Mascagni, Giordani, Paisiello, and so on. In July 2019, however, the Maestro Duo Pietro Gallo (pianist) and Dario Doronzo (flicornist) wanted to challenge themselves further, giving a personal shape to a really exciting experience, not only from the strictly record point of view (as at Studio d'incisione DIG – Digression Music, they concentrated on making the CD REIMAGINING OPERA) but also in taking a next step in the experiences collected in recent times, through concerts that have led them to follow the scenes a bit everywhere in the World. So location after location, one after the other one, Maestro Duo have been playing in such places of world resonance level, like as the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Juan Victoria Auditorium in San Juan in Argentina, the University of the Arts of Coimbra in Portugal, and then Greece, Turkey, Albania, Serbia and in many prestigious locations in motherland Italy. The final list would be really long to note in its entirety. This aspect is very striking, given the young age of the two Musicians. Both the experience of recording -which in itself constitutes an important turning point in the experience of the duo RE-IMAGINE- and the maturation achieved through the numerous live performances, today constitute a precious and inalienable patrimony of the duo of Maestro Gallo-Doronzo who fills Italy with pride in the World but also in our Nation, fine and clear image of an Italian youth generation who decides to continue to live and operate on homeland soil, demonstrating that -as a result of strong will and spirit of enormous sacrifice- you can do it, you can stay in Italy and continue your discourse all held within the Music, of the Arts more in general, which has always been one of the “figures” of Italy in the World. The CD is surprising from the first hearing time, for the freshness of the recording itself, but also for its strictly artistic contents. On the first side, there is the great sound performance of Fazioli F212 piano, an expression of Italian excellence in the world and that in this CD -solicited with great skill by the hands and fingers of Maestro Pietro Gallo- expresses all its top level sound and the crystalline refinement of Italian musicality and produced by Italian wisdom and genius. The Inderbinen Sera flugelhorn of Maestro Doronzo, it is perceived in all its entirety, even in the sighs and in the breath of the Master who lays bare with majesty, elegance of sound and great interpretative ability that shows all his beautiful soul of whole and deep Artist. The two Maestro, Pietro Gallo and Dario Doronzo show great rapprochement, an intimate and clear understanding, reached in many concerts and live performances that today pose the RE-IMAGINE duo at the highest qualitative and artistic levels in the World and not only in Italy. Compositions, masterfully performed on the basis of arrangements of Maestro Gianluigi Giannatempo and co-arranged by the same performers, dissolve and they move one by one enchanting the listener, who easily and with immediacy is kidnapped in a sea of sensations and emotions made also of nostalgia, memories, emotion, veiled melancholy. To further enrich the value of this exciting and engaging recording work there is the intervention of the famous Maestro Michel Godard who plays so called Serpentone, who gives masterfully energy and emotions with his wise way of playing. Track list: Giuseppe Verdi, Ouverture, Otello Claudio Monteverdi, Sì dolce è’l tormento Alessandro Parisotti, Se tu m’ami Giacomo Puccini, Nessun dorma, Turandot Pietro Mascagni, Intermezzo, Cavalleria Rusticana Tommaso Giordani, Caro mio ben Giovanni Paisiello, Nel cor non più non mi sento, La molinara There is also a Bonus track Fruccia d’ali composed by Maestro Michel Godard and inspired by Pur ti miro by Monteverdi, which further enriches this CD that -in truth- is a real pearl of its kind. The arrangements and interpretations are surprising (as in the case of Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Opera, for example) and always respectful of the original partures, while de-building them in their original plant to bring them into a new guise and into a new life. The whole CD is surprising and it is easy to wish the greatest success for all those who have committed themselves to make it.

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